Who are we?.

We are campaigning for the Airport in Gorna Oryahovitsa to be considered by the budget airlines as a destination for scheduled flights.

Currently the airport which is fully operational, is used only for handling air cargo, charter flights and training purposes despite being an official entry point into the country with full customs and passenger handling facilities

Advantages of Gorna Airport


Gorna Oryahovitsa airport is located approximately 7 km outside of Veliko Tarnovo the former capital of Bulgaria.  Offering a fantastic holiday to anyone interested in ancient history and architecture, veliko Tarnovo has it all to offer.  
The Province of Veliko Tarnovo is becoming more and more popular with expats from the UK and currently boasts around 5,000 English families throughout the province.
Unfortunately the only mode of transport into Veliko Tarnovo at present is bus, train and car and with in excess of 3 million tourists per year traveling to Veliko it is becoming apparent that it is time the airport was made a major part of the town where it would create further employment opportunities for the local region.  

What can you do to Help?

Budget airlines

We need as many people as possible who travel to Bulgaria to make the airlines aware of their final destination if it is in the Veliko Tarnovo Region, currently any air passenger travelling to Veliko Tarnovo must fly to either Sofia, Varna or Burgas Airports which are all 3 hrs away, meaning a long journey by road after a flight. 

As an example, to travel to the historic town of Svishtov from Newcastle upon Tyne would involve either an expensive scheduled flight from Newcastle to Paris or Amsterdam, connecting flight to Sofia followed by a 3 hr road journey to Svishtov, or alternatively a bus journey to Manchester, Stansted or Luton airports, whereas a Flight to Gorna Oryahovitsa could reduce the traveling time by road to only 1.5 hrs and even less again if the final destination was in Veliko Tarnovo itself.
Easyjet & Wizz Air are the most popular budget airlines who currently fly from various uk airports direct into Sofia, but both feel there is not a demand for Gorna Airport yet both also fail to survey their existing customers to see what the customer would prefer.  Even if current Sofia flights were changed say twice a week to fly to Gorna Oryahovitsa for a trial period, it would be better than nothing but would assist in testing the market for permanent flights


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