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We will endeavour to post news and events for the Veliko Tarno Region as and when possible


To help sustain the running costs of this website we have added a Classified Adverts section to the website, it is free to use for private sellers.

Businesses such as estate agents etc are welcome to advertise one property free of charge, however, for a donation of €20.00 they will be able to post as many adverts as they wish and each being valid for 12 months.

As a Special Inductory Offer to help get the classifieds ads section running, no fee's will be charged for the first 3 months and all adverts posted will be left in place for the 12 month period.  Once the Classified advert site has 150 items listed, an advertising campaign will be started with google ads ensuring the website becomes visible in website searches using keywords in their searches so basically ensuring that anyone specifically looking for an item or property in Bulgaria will get to see the site adverts.
Google ads are also placed on these sites as a source of revenue to assist with running costs, we do however, try to ensure that they are kept to a minimum at all times.
Any adverts listed on the classified adverts site will automatically appear on another classified adverts site so in effect posting one advert it is appearing on 2 websites increasing the chance of being found by a prospective buyer.

Photo Gallery

We have also added a photograph gallery, you are welcome to upload photo's of your area to share with others free of charge

If you have any questions please feel free to cantact me using the Contact Us Facility on this site

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